A Story Of Two Ranked Videos 2

I’ve been brainstorming how to get my video on the front page of a google search result. And of course one way to do it is to reverse-engineer videos that have already made it.

If you search google for “Magic Trick” two videos come up before any page results.

Both videos have “Magic Trick” in the title.

Both videos are old: 2007 and 2006.

Both videos have more than 8 million views.

And both videos have thousands of likes and dislikes, and thousands of comments.

That would be hard to beat! So I’ll be going after keywords that are a bit less competitive.

But I also noticed something about these two “Magic Trick” videos that are less obvious. They have hundreds of links pointing to them!

So I’m guessing when Andy Wilson told me that getting videos linked is similar to getting pages linked, he was right. Get links pointing to your videos.

Andy had some more tips for me as well. The first one will help you get to that 8 million views mark 🙂

1) You can have your video appear as a related video to popular videos in the same category by making sure your tags are the same. This means if you track down youtube copywriting videos with high views you can make sure your video has the same tags, etc and essentially “piggyback” off of them.

And here is Andy’s favorite SEO tool, which you may have heard of.

Market Samurai

There’s the link to the tool. I’ve been with it since the earlier stages of development and the support and team behind the operation are top notch.

There are oodles of training videos and Ed Dale devotes nearly 1/3rd of his 30 day challenge (now called “the challenge”) to using Market Samurai and its applications.

If you’re looking to dabble in SEO you should check it out. It’s pretty easy and straight forward to use. The competition and research modules are worth the whatever price by themselves.

2 thoughts on “A Story Of Two Ranked Videos

  1. Reply Wayne Buckhanan Mar 3, 2011 9:20 pm

    And, of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

    I found a potential keyword with videos in the first page results (and yes, I was using Market Samurai) and here’s the kicker: zero backlinks reported. With a little digging Google gave me back two other videos as possible sources of backlinks (I didn’t see the links).

    Zero likes/dislikes/honors/comments.
    Less than a thousand views since May 2010.

    Oh, and as an added befuddlement, the keyword I found is a misspelling and it doesn’t show up on the video page anywhere (title, tags, description).

    The only thing that makes any sense is that the stats on the video show over 250 views from the first site it was embedded on, which looks like it is one of the video author’s sites. But that doesn’t explain why this video would show up for the misspelled keyword…

    It wouldn’t be fun if it was too easy, ne? 😉

  2. Reply Stephen Dean Mar 3, 2011 11:00 pm

    Amazing! Do you think it says anything about embedding? Hard to find a lesson there, except, there are exceptions to the rule 🙂 Maybe we’ll figure it out, cheers.

    Got your keywords picked?

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