Affiliate Copywriting 102

In Affiliate Copywriting 101 I taught how to warm your visitors up to the product sales page.

If that worked, then after the visitor read your awesome copy he clicked on over to the sales page and bought. YES!

If you didn’t collect your visitor’s email address, that was your only shot. So hopefully it worked.

Which begs the question… why not collect the visitor’s email address BEFORE sending them to the product sales page.

Then you’ll have several chances to get your reader over to the product sales page and buy.

For Affiliate Copywriting 102, let’s go over different types of emails that will have your readers BEGGING to click your affiliate link.

OK, getting started…

Your reader likely already clicked over to sales page and saw the headline once. So we don’t need to tease them with the headline again.

Instead now’s the time to find little gems in the sales copy, tease the reader about them in your affiliate copy, then tell them to GO to the sales letter to read more about it.

It’s best to keep it short, that way we can get them to the sales letter as fast as possible. That typically means sticking to ONE idea per email.

Here are some examples of simple ideas I use in email campaigns all the time…

Did you see how much money he made in June?

Use impressive but vague claims to peak their curiosity. If the sales page uses any form of proof, like screenshots or videos showing income claims, build that up in the email… but tease them by leaving out how much money was actually made. They’ll have to click your affiliate link to find out.

You’ve GOT to read Dan’s story, it’s midway down the page.

In this case, “Dan” could be the name of someone whose testimonial is on the sales page.

Asking you readers to check out specific testimonials on the sales page can get them highly engaged. Especially because testimonials can be so powerful.

Is she seriously giving this away for free?

Most sales pages include bonuses, right? You can write an email teasing them about a free bonus that comes with the product.

Again, don’t actually say what the bonus is so that they have to click over to find out. But you can tease them by saying how much the bonus is worth.

Can you think of any more?

Go through the sales letter looking for little gems you can use to tease your subscribers. When you find a good one, write an email using the gem as bait.

That’ll get them to click over and the sales copy will do it’s job. Then you’re good as gold.

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