GeoSurf Lets You Browse For International Clients

Recently I was given the opportunity to check out an interesting new tool with many valuable uses. And I gotta admit, while it’s good for business it’s also just fun to play with.

The GeoSurf Toolbar

The toolbar is made by a company called BiScience and it’s heavily aimed at online media-buyers who need to keep tabs on their campaigns around the world.

After reviewing the toolbar, it’s clear it can do that job well. But it provides a completely different but valuable service for me, as I’ll get to in a moment.

Installation and Usage

I installed the GeoSurf toolbar quickly without problems. I also noticed it only installed one program without trying to stuff extras on to my computer – too often that’s not the case, so I was happy.

As of April of 2011 the toolbar is not ready for Chrome. It does install easily in IE and Firefox.

This wasn’t a problem for me. I like to use different browsers for different tasks, so I installed the toolbar inside IE and use it exclusively for GeoSurf.

It’s also very easy to uninstall for those who worry a new program may not gel with their older computer. The free 5 day trial and easy uninstall option from your PCs control panel makes for a worry-free experience.

Browsing the Internet with the toolbar installed also goes smoothly. This is in contrast to free proxie servers that act like GeoSurf but without the reliability.

The first thing I noticed with the toolbar is the…

Fascinating Search Results

Have you ever noticed that you rank higher for the same keywords but in different countries? If you study your stats like me, you likely have.

GeoSurf has made it easy for me to check from different countries the search results I’ve been monitoring. It’s fascinating to see the different ranks my sites have around the world. It’s even a bit addicting.

This can become important if your longterm marketing plan is targeting countries that are in better economic condition than your own. I live in the US, but most of my new clients do not.

GeoSurf is a tool that can help you better channel clients in from other countries.

Another powerful use of the tool could be for…

Local US Marketing

If you help brick and mortar businesses around the US with their local online marketing, or want to start, Geosurf allows you to search from 20 different major cities – including the big cities closest to me, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.

Google Adwords advertisers often target local cities. So if you’re trying to help a client advertise in San Francisco but you’re living in New York, you’re going to see different ads being displayed.

It’s not just the ads, but the organic results, Google Maps and especially Bing which prides itself on helping you find local solutions.

So GeoSurf could be a critical tool for your local marketing needs around the country.

The Verdict

In the right hands, GeoSurf is a very powerful tool. I’m sure it’s very helpful if you purchase media-buys around the world. And for me it can help attract clients from all over the world.

Pricing starts at $29/month, but there’s a 5 day free trial to decide if Geosurf is right for you first.

If Geosurf sounds alluring at all, I highly recommend giving it a test drive at the link below:

Surf Locally With GeoSurf

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