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Got a product you want to launch in a BIG way? Need sales copy that DELIVERS, FAST. Paying for itself in as little as 9 hours?!

Well I’ve done all that… and made jokes about buying the Tshirt.

My name is Stephen Dean and I’ve written enough copy to fill a set of over-sized encyclopedias.

With over 7 years experience in dozens of niches, a rock star clientele and a trail of success stories that would make the Oregon Trail seem small in comparison… I’m able and ready to multiply your investment and create cash on demand as your copywriter.

That is if we make a good match. My favorite clients are already making money, don’t ask me to work for nothing down, and understand why even the best copywriters don’t offer “money back” guarantees… even if their copy knocks it out of the park every time.

If we see eye to eye, then I’m ready to let loose the 7 Pillars on you...

The 7 Pillars Of A “Champagne Celebration” Copywriter

Consistent Results

Consistent Results

Writing powerful sales copy for 7 years has earned me many repeat clients. Including Rhen Khong, who’s been with me almost since the beginning.

Check out what he says about my work…

Stephen Beat A Marketing Team Of Over 15 People

“Stephen wrote a piece for me last year that was directly responsible for $37,410.00 worth of affiliate commissions so far.

“His copy was so good that I started noticing my merchant (who have a direct response marketing team of over 15 people) literally copied my landing page’s headline and changed all their Google ads!”

Rhen Khong

And there’s more where that came from…

Copywriter Ryan Healy says…

More Value From Stephen Than Just About Any Other Copywriter

“Stephen isn’t the cheapest copywriter out there. Neither is he the most expensive. But I’m willing to bet you’ll get more VALUE from Stephen than you will from just about any other copywriter.

“I say that because I’ve hired a lot of copywriters… and… I’ve hired Stephen. Here’s what I’ve never told anyone up until this moment: Stephen is the only copywriter I’ve hired where I felt comfortable letting his work go “as is” — without editing!

“In the end I did change a word here and there to make sure I got my hands dirty as a copywriter, but I was very impressed!

“The truth is, Stephen is a superb copywriter and he’s a pleasure to work with. Which reminds me — I need to hire Stephen again!”

Ryan Healy,

“My conversion rate has skyrocketed…”

“I have two words about the sales letter. Mind blowing!”

“You’re a genius copywriter.”

“Business has been doing great. My conversion rate has skyrocketed ever since you wrote those sales letters for me. I can’t thank you enough for doing such a marvelous job.”

“You’re the first person I’m going to think about every time I start a new project that requires copywriting.”/p>

Kaviraj Kodai,

“Boosted my conversion rate substantially…”

“Not only is Stephen a great copywriter that boosted my conversion rate substantially (paying for his fee rather quickly), he is also one heck of a good guy!

“I met him personally a few years back at an IM event and he’s a stand up guy that’ll treat you right. You can’t go wrong working with Stephen.”

Shawn Pringle,

“…9 Hours To Pay Off The Sales Letter…”

“Stephen did such a rotten job for us it took all of 9 hours to pay off the sales letter with PPC ads only. I don’t recommend him unless you want a good sales letter at a decent price.

“Sorry for the bad review Stephen I just felt folks should be warned that your copy did a great job for us

“(For those of you don’t get sarcasm – Stephen is a good guy who will take care of you and do a great job.)”

Ed Charkow

“…I Was Blown Away…”

“Even before I got my completed copy starter, I felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth — just from the back and forth with the Q&A! You helped me clarify a couple aspects of my offer while collecting info about my project. That one question got me thinking in a whole new direction!

“And then, when I got the copy back, I was blown away! I just kept nodding and smiling as you hit just the right notes, the ones I’d been searching for on my own.

“Thanks dude, you got me excited about my own project again! I can’t wait to see the spectacular conversions!”

Wayne Buckhanan,

“Copy you are proud to put your name on…”

“There’s copy that sells, then there is copy that sells AND makes you want to buy your OWN product…

“..AND THEN there is copy that sells, makes you want to buy your own product, AND manages to be real, hype-free, and something you are proud to put your name on.

“Stephen’s copy is the the whole package. He knows how to tease real value out of your product that you didn’t even know was there and then use it to generate high sales conversion. I highly recommend him.”

Doug Hudiburg,

Hardest Working Copywriter Out There

“At first when I saw Stephen’s prices I thought he can’t be all that good, he was so affordable.

“How happy I was to be proved wrong on this one!

“Stephen is possibly the hardest working copywriter out there and what he did for our conversions was fantastic. He fitted into our team well with his ability to over deliver and was so damn easy to work with!

“The only reason he is not still on our team is I am selfish and didn’t want to share him and he wouldn’t come work with us as our full time, in house conversion manager!”

Rick Gibson,

“The best ROI I Have Ever Achieved…”

“Stephen Dean is an awesome Copywriter. The best thing I can say is the few $1000 I paid for copy, returned me $10,000’s.

“The best ROI I have ever achieved was picking Stephen Dean as my copywriter!”

Eric Gehler

Every Single Recommendation
Increased Revenue…

“Why would you want to use Stephen’s services? Because they work!”

“I went through and implemented everything he suggested as a test. The software I use will automatically revert any of those changes if they harm my revenue. Every single one was still here at the time of this writing.

“How valuable is a copywriter who can give step-by-step actionable information to improve your revenue?
How much more valuable is a copywriter when every single one of the things he recommends actually does increase your revenue?”

Kristi Daniels

“Sales Increased By 66%”

“I’ve worked with a number of copywriters in different price categories, but none has provided the ROI Stephen has.

“As a direct result of working with Stephen, my sales increased by 66%. And that was just the first project I gave him! These are the results that get me excited and this is why I can 100% recommend Stephen’s copywriting services.”

Chris Willow,

Rock Star Clientele

Rock Star Clientele

David Garfinkel (the legendary copywriter) has hired me. Both Ryan Deiss and Jim Edwards have paid me thousands and thousands of dollars to write for them.

(In fact, Ryan and Jim each invited me to fly across the country to their Internet Business seminars… one in Atlanta, one in Dallas… where they had me stand up in front of their paying audience to endorse my work.)

Matt Bacak recently sent me two 4-figure payments. So did Ewen Chia. And Michel Fortin, who wrote the first sales letter to bring in $1,000,000.00 in less than 24 hours, said my copy “Rocks!”

Watch for the name “Stephen Dean”. You will be seeing a lot more of it, that’s for sure.

Michel Fortin

Vast Experience

Vast Experience

This is far from my first rodeo and you’ll be far from my first success story.

In over 7 years I’ve completed hundreds of projects for the biggest names in Internet marketing… and in dozens of different niche markets.

In fact, just the testimonials you see above came from successful projects in 4 different markets: Dating, Business to Business, Internet Marketing and Media Software.

If you come to me with a product aimed at a female, 18-34 demographic… not only can I hit a home run for you, but I already have! (You’ll be receiving a sample from me when you apply.)

As a lifelong learner and listener, I feel confident writing copy for nearly any market. And that’s why I’ve had success in literally dozens of different markets.

I’m also a master of many different mediums.

I’ve written copy for autoresponder sequences, broadcast emails, product launches, web video, affiliate materials, pre-sell copy and more.

Creative Problem Solver

Creative Problem Solver

When I work for a client, I give it my all. And that may mean bringing ALL of my creative talents to the table.

Example #1:

Recently a client needed to know which pages of his blog were bringing in the most sales, and I wrote a custom PHP script to deliver the answer. At no extra charge.

Example #2:

A few years back another client was having trouble choosing a domain name. After shooting back a dozen emails back and forth, he chose my favorite creation:

This site became extremely popular, and just last year I received a check from “Project Payday, LLC,” a company named after the domain name I dreamt up.

If you google “Project Payday,” you’ll see just how big this project became.

Example #3

One client had to change his traffic source at the last minute – and as a result the squeeze page I wrote for him wasn’t converting at all. That’s because different traffic expects different content.

After he showed me the new traffic source, I redesigned the squeeze page and added a few surprise elements. The new squeeze page was a profitable success – costing just 20 cents per new targeted lead.

There is a lesson here – make sure to let me know your traffic source before I start. But also know that if we work together, you can expect the same hard work and devotion.

Split Testing Expert (Free)

Split Testing Expert (Free)

I like to over deliver. And I NEVER deliver copy and leave you on your own.

Instead I’m going to go the extra yard and offer my split/multi-variate testing skills to you for free.

When I deliver the copy, I’ll also set up a test with Google Optimizer to track results of my copy AND have a test running to improve results at the same time.

Most likely this will tip me off that it’s time to start the champagne celebration.

But in the event that the copy needs more tweaking to convert successfully, you won’t even have to say a word! Since I’m tracking the copy, I’ll likely be back to work making tweaks before you even notice.

Constant Communication

Constant Communication

I check my email a minimum of three times a day. It’s the first thing I do when I start working, it’s the last thing I do before I call it quits for the day… and I often check it one more time before bed.

If you ever need to get my attention fast, shoot me an email and I’ll respond within hours.

(I do use Skype from time to time AFTER you hire me, and by appointment only.)

A Strong Guarantee

A Strong Guarantee

When you put your trust in me I’m going to make sure I earn it.

Not only am I going to work hard for you by over delivering and offering creative solutions, I’m also going to back up my work with a strong guarantee.

When you hire me to write your champagne sales letter, one of us will set up Google Optimizer (or your preferred testing software) to track the results as they come in.

If the copy is converting less than we expected, then I’m going to get back to work making sure it does.

I’ll make up to 3 revisions within 30 days at no extra charge. That’s my promise to you.

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PS On a shoestring budget? Try my $199 sales letter critique to start bringing in sales now. It’s the next best thing to spending 4 figures to have me write your sales letter. You can find it under “Package Of Interest” above.

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