Copywriting FEVER

Ever had copywriting fever? That’s what I’ve had over the last several months as I’ve been putting out a ton of copy, both for myself and multiple clients.

My keyboard is Hot, HOt, HOT!

Not only have I been writing like crazy, I’ve also been plugging away at some new software projects that will be available in the future.

Right now my software offerings are…

Easy Split Test (Free, Opt-in required)

Copy Breeze

…and my new projects are just as exciting (or dare I say, MORE exciting.)

In the midst of all this, I’ve discovered an awesome new site to hone your copywriting instincts. I should give credit to Michel Fortin for pointing it out to me:

Which Test Won

Check out the archives and you’ll find tons of A/B split test results.

The site lets you check out each version first, then guess, and then see which version really won out.

It can be both very humbling AND reaffirming.

Even more valuable, it teaches you to have the proper respect for opinions. Something forum junkies could definitely benefit from.

Check it out and have a great day!

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