Copywriting Proof: Beyond Testimonials 3

When legendary ad man Claude Hopkins applied to work for Swift & Company behind 105 other applicants, he knew he needed to make an impression.

He immediately asked other Chicago ad men to personally write Swift & Co and let them know what they thought of Claude Hopkins. That’s social proof, and much like you’d see in testimonials.

But was he satisfied with mere testimonials?

Nope. He did more.

He did something anyone can do, but rarely will do. He made sure to get himself published in his local newspaper.

He wrote an advertising column for the newspaper and it ran twice a week. He offered to write the column for free just for the credibility.

(You know which famous IM guru writes a regular newspaper column on Internet marketing? Jim Edwards.)

Claude Hopkins then began sending the published columns to Swift & Co. Now he has been lent credentials as a columnist and has the backing of a newspaper for more social proof.

He got the job.

I wonder if anyone in today’s business climate could use this strategy… 🙂

Could you use it in your online business?

Would “columnist” look good before your name? Would that add credibility?

If you can’t write a weekly column, there’s still a decent chance you can get a reporter to write and publish a story about a local business person.

If you check out your local newspaper, you’ll notice this is very common. And many of the Internet marketers who are “killing it” swear by it.

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