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Recently I was privy to a conversation from a perspective client who had some questions about hiring a copywriter. They asked…

“Will he know how to write specifically for my audience?”

The answer is almost always “Yes.”

My job as a copywriter is to find out who your ideal customer is and discover what makes them tick. The Internet makes this fairly easy to find out.

The trick is finding and using copywriting research tools…

Many of your prospects will have already searched Google for more information about your marketplace. You can check out the top results to see what your market is likely to be reading currently. (Also pay attention to the ads on the first page.)

You can also copy and paste the URL of these top sites in to to get an accurate demographic profile of your ideal customer. Also enter the URLs of other known popular sites for your market.

You can go to Yahoo Answers to find out what questions your ideal customer might have about your marketplace and products.

You can go to eBay or to find out what people are buying in your marketplace.

You can go to Clickbank’s Marketplace for affiliates to discover which sales letters are working… and then analyzing them to see why they work. (Look for sales letters with a high gravity, they’re doing the best.)

Those are a few of my most used copywriting research tools. They make it extremely easy to narrow down your target audience and begin to understand them.

I also have a few tricks up my sleeve from reading the great copywriters, mentoring with Michel Fortin, and nearly 7 years of my experience. Maybe I’ll let out some of these tricks in related blog posts soon 🙂

If you have any copywriting research tools of your own, please leave it as a comment.

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