Glenn Beck’s Flawless Business Strategy

Let’s see if we can talk Glenn Beck without bringing politics in to it.

The guy knows how to make money. He seems to be monetizing in every way possible… television, radio, live shows, movie theaters…

…and he’s put out 4 books just since last September. Incredible!

Personally, and again I’m not talking politics, I don’t enjoy his stuff.

But as far as building a business, he’s done it exactly right.

He causes controversy.

He takes unique positions.

He displays empathy for his audience.

He provides a voice for their discontent.

He divides people in to two camps – us and them.

And he does it very well.

I coincidentally caught a bit of his show this week. He wrote two words on his chalkboard, “Democracy” on one side and “Republic” on the other.

Under “Democracy” he wrote down all the people who seem to be promoting that form of government.

Then under “Republic” he did the same. The two words he wrote under “Republic” were “You” and “Me.”

There’s the set up. Two camps, us versus them.

It makes for great business. You can agree or disagree on whether it’s good for anything else.

But when you think about it… is there much difference between what he’s doing and what Gary Bencivenga did in his Lies! Lies! Lies! promotion?

Something to think about.

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