Happy Hour 1/14/11 2

Here’s to the first happy hour of 2011!

For those who are new to my Friday Happy Hour’s, at the end of each week I link to valuable blog posts, forum topics, social media users etc. that I stumbled upon during the week. You can check out the links during the last 10 minutes of work on Friday…

…or over the weekend, or on Monday morning. The only thing that is mandatory on Friday’s is that you listen to the song that starts the weekend 🙂

In any case, here’s your Friday Happy Hour.

“Nailed-It” Blog Post:
Ben Settle wrote a blog post that should be the poster boy for posts that NAILED-IT. Trashy Words That Make More Sales pinpoints the divide between English professors and copywriters when it comes to good writing. Or writing well. He also gives a handful of awesome words to read.

“Nailed-It” Blog Post:
And Ryan Healy weighed in on video and the future of copywriting, a topic that still has people asking questions.

I couldn’t agree more with his conclusions, and I left a comment with some of my observations.

From My Life:
I just finished reading the book 1491 by Charles Mann and it’s pretty awesome. If you can’t guess by the title, the book attempts to paint a more accurate depiction of what the Americas were like before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. (You know, in 1492?)

It really is very interesting and you’ll be in for a lot of surprises and challenges to your old beliefs. I highly suggest reading it if the topic interests you.

Song To Start Your Weekend:
After a long week of work, this song will make you feel good.

2 thoughts on “Happy Hour 1/14/11

  1. Reply Ryan Healy Jan 14, 2011 6:00 pm

    Thanks for the link, Stephen! I appreciate it.

    By the way, I just watched the music video. First time I’ve heard that song, but I really like it. At first I thought it was Feist. Now I’ll have to go check out Florence + The Machine. 🙂
    .-= Ryan Healy´s last blog ..Video Killed the Copywriting Star =-.

  2. Reply Stephen Dean Jan 21, 2011 4:07 pm

    Cheers. Me too, that’s a Friday song I’ll keep in my spin list forever.

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