Happy Hour 2/11/11

I’m ready for an amazing weekend. It’s been a fantastic, productive week. And I gotta thank you for that.

We had a successful contest. New commenters are coming out of the wood work. Sold a couple domain names. The twitter conversations are great. The strategy sessions are beginning.

Congratulations – we’re accomplishing big things here. Here’s your Friday happy hour to start the weekend.

Nailed-It Blog Post
I recently asked on Twitter what people think about the word “but” in copywriting. I notice I often use it at the start of a sentence when writing freeverse, then go back and edit most of them out. Matt Fox sent me his take on how the words “but”, “and”, and “even though” can affect perception. Check it out at his blog on persuasion strategies.

Nailed-It Blog Post
This blog post is a little different. Check out what Pat of Smart Passive Income is doing at his blog. He’s listing and itemizing his monthly income for the whole world to see. If you want to see what’s possible with IM, check it out.

From My Life
I’m quickly approaching my 8th year as a freelance copywriter. February marks my last month of year 7. I must have hit my 10,000 hours by now, yes?

Songs To Start Your Valentines Day Weekend

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