Happy Hour 2/18/11

Is it the weekend already? Yikes. Time is flying by and things are moving so fast – we’ve got 5 people including me who’ve decided to try the Ready Spaghetti March Challenge.

And Ryan Mcgrath has agreed to trade guest blog posts with me. Looking forward to it.

Here’s hoping more people will join them next week. Cheers! It’s time for happy hour.

Awesome Resource
Keith Baxter has an awesome free resource for finding valuable sites to get links from, namely .gov and .edu sites. An email is required, but this EDU Link Finder is a great tool.

Nailed-It Blog Post
Ryan Healy just wrote a blog post about Ubermedia, creator of Tweetdeck, having an app suspended. Ryan makes a great point about the unacceptable risk of building a business on someone elses platform.

And if you read in the comments, we expand the conversation to diversifying a business to avoid risk. Diversity is key in business.

Check it out: A Twitter Business Is A Bad Idea

From My Life
For Valentines Day I cooked a Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo using this recipe for sauce. Tasted great! My girlfriend told me she would order it at a restaurant – and believe me, from her that’s a compliment.

You should try it: Better Than Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce.

Song To Start Your Weekend

I love The Strokes. Julian’s solo album was fantastic. And I look forward to hearing the rest of their newest album (yet to be released). Here’s the first single.

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