Happy Hour 3/4/11

Scientists have proven the faster something moves the slower time goes by relative to that object. They did this by putting one atomic clock on an airplane and one on the ground. After flying the atomic clock around for a few hours, it proved to be a fraction of a second behind the atomic clock that stayed on earth.

When things move faster, time slows down.

But I could have told them that. The older I get, the slower I move and the faster time seems to go by.

This week flew by, here’s your Friday happy hour!

Nailed-It Blog Post
Found an old blog post this week that stuck out to me. Primarily because the title of the post describes productivity in a nutshell. The blog post was titled Momentum and written by Michelle Macphearson.

Nailed-It Blog Post
This fun post from “The Art Of Manliness” claims to reveal how to organize a speech or text to ensure maximum persuasion. Good stuff.

Nailed-It Blog Post
And this is more on the recent news hitting the SEO circuit – the manual penalties of JC Penny and Overstock. This time Grizzly gives more reason to believe you shouldn’t worry about it.

From My Life
I’m just about done reading End The Fed, a book by Ron Paul about the United States’ monetary system. If you’ve never looked in to the fed before, this is a good place to start. It’s obviously biased towards the Austrian economics position, but you may find it hard to argue.

My girlfriend is a natural saver. When I explained to her that the federal reserve robs her of cash by setting artificially low interest rates, she finally started to understand why paying attention to government matters.

And when I told her a sales tax would allow her to save money tax free as opposed to an income tax… well, let’s just say this persuasive libertarian is making some intellectual ground with her.

Song To Start Your Weekend
Thanks to Ryan Healy for choosing this week’s song.

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