How To Attack Any Niche Starting With A Squeeze Page 3

Are you thinking about diving head first in to a new niche?

Then here’s some well timed advice.

Start small, and grow.

That’s my preferred method. Another method would be to throw your life savings at a market before you know if you can make it profitable.


I don’t think so. Instead start small and borrow from businesses that are already established.

For example if you want to move in to the weight loss niche, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. It’s competitive. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but it’ll take work.

Do you really want to pay $10k – $20k for a new weight loss product and sales letter when you’re not even sure you’ll be able to find the traffic in this highly competitive niche?

That approach is all wrong.

Instead, let’s take a smaller, incremental approach that will actually make your business stronger in the long run.

Instead of creating a product, start with a squeeze page. And start driving traffic to the squeeze page.

This does a few things.

One, you start collecting email addresses which will be good if you release a product in the future.

Two, you get experience trying to drive traffic to a site in this niche. You might find it too hard for you and give up (which would save you the cost of creating a product).

And three, you’re likely building back links to the page which are ALWAYS useful, even if you decide to move in another direction or sell the site to someone else.

But Wait… There’s More

You ALSO will have an opportunity to test different headlines and angles with your squeeze page.

The results you get back from these tests can tell you what type of product to create.

For example, if your Internet Marketing squeeze page always performs best when you mention Private Label Rights, what type of product are you going to create?

Starting with an inexpensive squeeze page is a great way to test the market while still building the foundations of a new business.

Plus As You’re Building Your Business You Can Borrow From Others

If you don’t have $3,000 to hire a copywriter, you can send your leads from the squeeze page over to someone in the same niche who HAS paid for a copywriter in exchange for a commission.

This probably means signing up with a site like Clickbank where you can find Internet businesses in your niche ready to give you a commission for sales you send their way.

Try picking 2 or 3 products from Clickbank and rotate who you send your traffic to. You’ll soon get an idea of which business is the most profitable…

…and now you have a model to follow.

I can help you get your first squeeze page up, find an affiliate product to promote and write your promotional materials. Just fill out an application here.

Good luck and happy business building.

3 thoughts on “How To Attack Any Niche Starting With A Squeeze Page

  1. Reply Mirck Apr 27, 2010 1:39 am

    This is a really nice advice. I am an affiliate marketer and usually do not collect email addresses of people. Maybe this is a big mistake on my part and I should start doing it after reading your post.

    Though I am not a product owner and don’t have plans yet to become one, I think I can increase my affiliate earnings if I take the pains of growing a list through a simple squeeze page.

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