How To Increase Website Traffic In 4 Steps 3

Up for a challenge this weekend? I’ve got 4 steps you can take today to increase the traffic to your blog or website, if only by a little.

1. Exchange links with me.

A while back I told you that I set up a link directory using “WordPress Link Directory.” There was a problem with the plugin, but I found a way to fix it (leave a comment if you want me to send the solution).

In any case, it’s WORKING NOW. So why haven’t you added a link to your blog from mine? It’s a free backlink that will deliver clicks AND increase your search engine rankings.

To get to the link directory, click “Recommended Links” at the top right corner of this blog.

And it doesn’t matter what topic your blog is. I have a category for “Other,” so feel free to put any website you like there. (Within reason, you can imagine the sites I will not approve.)

2. Leave A Comment

Want to know another way to get a link from me? Leave a comment.

I DO-FOLLOW on this blog, so when you leave a comment and include your URL, it WILL count for search engine rank. You may also get clicks from my blog to yours.

Also, I use a plugin called “CommentLuv” that will ALSO create a link to your last blog post.

That’s 2 links to add to your incoming links total and 2 opportunities to get clicks.

3. Link To A Blog Post Of Mine, From A Blog Post Of Yours

When you link to one of my blog posts from a post on your blog, it’ll show up as a “trackback” on my blog. Essentially, it’s another link from my blog to yours that again appears in the “Comments” section.

And, once again, because I do follow it’s another chance to improve your search engine rankings AND get a few clicks from my blog visitors.

So if I write a post that you like, respond with a post on your blog and link to mine. Bang! We both benefit.

4. Follow Me On Twitter And @StephenPDean Me

To the right, in the sidebar under “Socialize” you’ll find me on Twitter. Follow me!

(If you haven’t signed up for Twitter, it’s fun. Try it. And download Tweet Deck to manage who you follow.)

Then when you follow me, respond to my tweets. Start a tweet with @StephenPDean and I’ll be sure to see it and respond.

When I respond, everyone who follows me (around 640 people now) will see your twitter name and might click over to see who you are.

They might click the link that you listed in your twitter profile to check out your site. Or even better, they might follow you. Then you can post to twitter about new blog posts, and many of your followers will click over to get to your blog.

This method is an increasing source of traffic for this blog. Try it!

How much time would these 4 steps take? Not very long. Why not try all 4 methods this weekend?

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