My Magical Product Box

I’m a big fan of all things entertainment: books, movies, music, sports games. And for years I threw money at these things.

I bought every movie that looked interesting, every book that looked interesting… and while I didn’t go too crazy on boardgames, I soon realized I had more than I had people to play them with.

That’s when I realized that buying new CDs, DVDs, books and games was practically an addiction. I was buying them even though I had a backlog of products I had yet to consume. For some reason, I felt good whenever I made a purchase.

Thankfully it didn’t take me too long to wise up.

The way I broke the addiction was very simple. I put all the products I had yet to consume in a box, and every time I got the urge to buy one of my vices I did something different. I went to the box rather than the store.

It wasn’t long before I’d completely forgotten what was in the box, and the items I found inside really did feel new.

Now I haven’t bought a book, movie or CD in years. Sometimes I’ll get them for my birthday or Christmas or something similar…

…but I’m no longer wasting money just to get a “dopamine” shot.

A lot of people who are addicted to infoproducts could take this technique to the bank.

I can tell you this – many of the gurus know you info-product junkies are just looking for something new to purchase. They’ll package up any old crap and put a $37 price tag on it just to be the one to provide your dopamine shot. I even had one client tell me exactly that.

Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t get duped for dopamine – make sure you’re using your current resources before wasting money on more.

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