My Words For President Obama One Year Later 2

One year ago today President Obama was inaugurated.

I wasn’t too excited. Although I wouldn’t have been excited if his opponent would have won either.

I wrote a letter to the President called, “Dear Barack Obama, From I Don’t Give A Damn.” I criticized Barack for straying from our founding documents, attempting to take away more freedoms and promising false change.

Looking back at what I wrote one year later. I feel like I got it exactly right.

Just like I expected, the President hasn’t strayed too far from George Bush. Listening to progressive talk-radio hosts, they know it too. And are starting to turn against the President. Thom Hartmann especially.

I am pleased to see that he hasn’t tried too hard to get a national health care program started. And I’m pleased that some of his other programs like “Cap and Trade” don’t seem to be going anywhere.

I’m also very pleased that Scott Brown won Tuesday. Not because I like Scott Brown, but because it will continue to slow down any “progress” towards large government programs that will be very hard to vote away in the future.

My hope is that Rand Paul and Peter Schiff will be elected to the Senate in 2010. Along with a whole slate of liberty-minded individuals elsewhere in Congress.

All in all, I think this is a very optimistic time for the liberty movement.

God Bless America

2 thoughts on “My Words For President Obama One Year Later

  1. Reply Marty Jan 21, 2010 11:45 am

    I’m kinda curious to know what freedoms Obama took away from you.

  2. Reply Stephen Dean Jan 21, 2010 2:52 pm

    I’m not sure how many he has. When I criticized him in that article he’d only been President a few hours. And what I was criticizing was his political philosophy and his stated goals. Like maybe his call for mandated National service…

    …which he later removed. Like I said, overall I’m pretty pleased with how little he has accomplished so far. I don’t think we’ve lost too many freedoms so far and the liberty movement is well.

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