Ready Spaghetti SEO And Blog Promotion Report 3

Since I haven’t been posting every day I also haven’t told you the results of March’s Ready Spaghetti SEO challenge.

The goal was to get a video ranked on the first page of any Google search result. It turned out to be easy, if you picked the right keyword.

I only created 2 videos before noticing I was on the first page of Google for the search term… well, I don’t want to tell the world because I don’t want to lose it. (But it really wouldn’t be hard to figure out with some sleuthing.)

So one video got on the first page… how’d the other one do?

It’s still got a ways to climb before it hits the front page, but I’m taking active steps to get it there. Namely linking to and embedding the video to get more views and let Google know it’s valuable.

Either way, challenge met. How many of you met the challenge? Did you say you’d meet the challenge, and didn’t?

If so, bummer dude.

I almost did that with Ryan Healy’s challenge to create a product in March. I was wishy-washy on whether or not to take up the challenge to start with… but in the end, I decided that I DID commit to creating a product in March, so I better do it.

I stayed up late March the 30th and spent a couple hours the next day creating this… The Beginner’s Guide To Rock Star Blogging

It’s a report that outlines the game plan I’ve switched too for this blog after ditching daily posts. It’s for beginners, but it’s stuff I certainly wish I would have known when I started. Check it out if you’re interested.

That also brings us to what I’ve been doing since I ditched daily blog posts.

Am I still sticking with a daily commitment to grow this blog? Yup. So far Yahoo has found 40 additional links to this blog since I STOPPED posting everyday. And I expect that number to grow rapidly.


3 thoughts on “Ready Spaghetti SEO And Blog Promotion Report

  1. Reply Roert Brookes Jul 14, 2011 7:15 pm

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