Selling Without The Selling 2

I watched The Apprentice this year for the first time and was amazed at how most of these “geniuses” lack selling skills.

Steuart Martens in particular, a struggling entrepreneur was trying to sell ice cream by pointing a finger at people walking through a park and shouting, “Hey you! I know you want to buy ice cream!”

Or something like that. Amazingly he was one of the BETTER salesmen.

Steuart should remember the maxim, “People hate to be sold but love to buy.” A salesman pointing a finger at someone is all it takes to create buyer-resistance.

A headline that screams…

“Skyrocket Your Profits” (828,000 google results)


“Explode Your Business” (9,930,000 google results)

…with a huge exclamation point at the end is just like pointing a finger in the visitor’s face.

It’s not a good idea. And there is a way to fix it.

Instead of selling with hype, sell with ideas.

When a technique gets so popular that “everyone is doing it,” stop doing it. It’s probably lost much of it’s effectiveness.

And finally, sell by offering SERVICE. And not by throwing exclamation points around like darts.

2 thoughts on “Selling Without The Selling

  1. Reply Ryan Healy Jan 17, 2011 5:06 pm

    Perhaps dumber than Steuart was the guy who broke the rules by texting friends and asking them to come down and pay for his human taxi ride. Then he LIED about what he did!

    Idiot. Thankfully he was fired immediately by Trump.
    .-= Ryan Healy´s last blog ..Please- Don’t Leave That on My Door Mat =-.

  2. Reply Stephen Dean Jan 21, 2011 4:20 pm

    Ya, and not so much shocking that a cheater would lie… but that he lied when he must have known he was already caught. Crazy!

    He actually made another appearance in the show however, so Trump must not have lost all respect for him.

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