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You’re on your way to a champagne celebration!

1. Fill Out An Application. Completed!

I got your application!

My “autobot” just sent you an email confirming that I received your application. The “human” me will get back to you shortly to discuss your project.

In the meantime feel free to get to know more about by copywriting services below…

2. Check Out These Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Talk On The Phone Or Skype?

Can We Talk On The Phone Or Skype?

Sure thing. I’d love to talk to you on the phone, but you need to prove to me that you’re a serious client first.

To do so, simply fill out this questionnaire and send it to me at sdeancopy (at) Copy Questionnaire.

…OR, you can pay $100 to speak with me without filling out the questionnaire. If you decide to hire me, the $100 will be credited towards your project. You can click the following link to pay via Paypal: Talk to Stephen For $100.

Do you guarantee your copy?

Do you guarantee your copy?

Yes, I offer to test your copy for free on your website. If the copy is converting less than we expected, then I’m going to get back to work making sure it does.

I’ll make up to 3 revisions within 30 days at no extra charge. That’s my work-my-tail-off guarantee to you – I will work DAMN hard to make sure your copy converts. Even putting in extra nights and weekends if need be. But since I write copy for a living and can’t get my time back, there is no money back guarantee.

Will you work for royalties or commission?

Will you work for royalties or commission?

Yes, if it’s in addition to my copywriting fee. Copywriters get asked to write for nothing up front constantly, and if I took all the offers that came before yours… I wouldn’t have time to write for you anyway 😉

Paying me up front lets me know you have the resources to launch a successful product and makes sure that I get paid for my work. So even though working for a royalty may yield the best long term results, I’ll just let you keep the extra money and work for a small fee up front instead.

3. Get Familiar With My Work – Check Out Some Samples!

Here’s a wide variety of samples for you to look at:

Project Payday
No More Dry Scalp
Ultimate Marketing Center
PC Doc Pro
Golf Swing (Sample)

4. Create A Plan With Stephen

I check my email a few times a day, so I should get your application and respond by email within 24 hours.

After reviewing it, I’ll shoot you an email with a few more questions to help nail down a plan of attack for your “champagne celebration” sales copy. Hopefully we’ll pass a few emails back and forth to come up with a plan we’re both excited about.

This is also your chance to ask any questions you might have about the process.

And once all of your questions are answered and we have a plan, it’s time to…

5. Reserve Your Spot And Fill Out The Questionnaire

You can reserve your spot by making a payment via Paypal. Most likely I’ll send you the link via email. And for all new clients, I ask for full payment up front.

As soon as the payment comes in, you’ve reserved your spot and we’re ready to begin. The first step is filling out this questionnaire (if you haven’t already): Copy Questionnaire.

6. Keep In Contact And Wait For The First Draft

Next I’ll get to work on your copy. It’s possible I’ll be finishing up other projects before I start the heavy writing for yours, but we will have discussed this during the planning stages.

Once I’m ready to dedicate my time solely to your project, I should be able to finish in 2 to 3 weeks. Most likely we set a tentative completion date in the planning stage as well.

Feel free to email me any time you’d like while I’m working on your project. I check my email a few times a day, so I should respond within 24 hours. I’ll also make an effort to update you regularly.

After the first draft is completed, I’ll send it to you for review.

7. Review Draft And Request Any Immediate Changes

After reviewing the copy, you may request any changes free of charge as long as it doesn’t alter the scope of the project that we previously agreed upon.

So I can’t rewrite your copy from scratch in a direction we never spoke about before the project, but I can rewrite sections and make small corrections based on your preferences.

8. Test The Copy And Open The Champagne

The next step is for you to publish your new sales copy and drive traffic to it. I’ll set up Google Optimizer for testing behind the scenes if you’ll let me.

This is when you should have the champagne ready.

If all goes as normal, the copy will be a big hit and you’ll have a new daily profit source. If the copy needs some help, I’ll make up to 3 revisions within 30 days of delivering the copy to make sure your copy converts.

9. Join My Ever-Growing Collection Of Testimonials!

After your copy is a big hit and you’re making money hand over fist, then it’s time to send me a testimonial!

You’ll be joining a growing club of happy entrepreneurs…

Stephen Beat A Marketing Team Of Over 15 People

“Stephen wrote a piece for me last year that was directly responsible for $37,410.00 worth of affiliate commissions so far.

“His copy was so good that I started noticing my merchant (who have a direct response marketing team of over 15 people) literally copied my landing page’s headline and changed all their Google ads!”

Rhen Khong

Copywriter Ryan Healy says…

More Value From Stephen Than Just About Any Other Copywriter

“Stephen isn’t the cheapest copywriter out there. Neither is he the most expensive. But I’m willing to bet you’ll get more VALUE from Stephen than you will from just about any other copywriter.

“I say that because I’ve hired a lot of copywriters… and… I’ve hired Stephen. Here’s what I’ve never told anyone up until this moment: Stephen is the only copywriter I’ve hired where I felt comfortable letting his work go “as is” — without editing!

“In the end I did change a word here and there to make sure I got my hands dirty as a copywriter, but I was very impressed!

“The truth is, Stephen is a superb copywriter and he’s a pleasure to work with. Which reminds me — I need to hire Stephen again!”

Ryan Healy,

“My conversion rate has skyrocketed…”

“I have two words about the sales letter. Mind blowing!”

“You’re a genius copywriter.”

“Business has been doing great. My conversion rate has skyrocketed ever since you wrote those sales letters for me. I can’t thank you enough for doing such a marvelous job.”

“You’re the first person I’m going to think about every time I start a new project that requires copywriting.”/p>

Kaviraj Kodai,

“Boosted my conversion rate substantially…”

“Not only is Stephen a great copywriter that boosted my conversion rate substantially (paying for his fee rather quickly), he is also one heck of a good guy!

“I met him personally a few years back at an IM event and he’s a stand up guy that’ll treat you right. You can’t go wrong working with Stephen.”

Shawn Pringle,

“…9 Hours To Pay Off The Sales Letter…”

“Stephen did such a rotten job for us it took all of 9 hours to pay off the sales letter with PPC ads only. I don’t recommend him unless you want a good sales letter at a decent price.

“Sorry for the bad review Stephen I just felt folks should be warned that your copy did a great job for us

“(For those of you don’t get sarcasm – Stephen is a good guy who will take care of you and do a great job.)”

Ed Charkow

“…I Was Blown Away…”

“Even before I got my completed copy starter, I felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth — just from the back and forth with the Q&A! You helped me clarify a couple aspects of my offer while collecting info about my project. That one question got me thinking in a whole new direction!

“And then, when I got the copy back, I was blown away! I just kept nodding and smiling as you hit just the right notes, the ones I’d been searching for on my own.

“Thanks dude, you got me excited about my own project again! I can’t wait to see the spectacular conversions!”

Wayne Buckhanan,

“Copy you are proud to put your name on…”

“There’s copy that sells, then there is copy that sells AND makes you want to buy your OWN product…

“..AND THEN there is copy that sells, makes you want to buy your own product, AND manages to be real, hype-free, and something you are proud to put your name on.

“Stephen’s copy is the the whole package. He knows how to tease real value out of your product that you didn’t even know was there and then use it to generate high sales conversion. I highly recommend him.”

Doug Hudiburg,

Hardest Working Copywriter Out There

“At first when I saw Stephen’s prices I thought he can’t be all that good, he was so affordable.

“How happy I was to be proved wrong on this one!

“Stephen is possibly the hardest working copywriter out there and what he did for our conversions was fantastic. He fitted into our team well with his ability to over deliver and was so damn easy to work with!

“The only reason he is not still on our team is I am selfish and didn’t want to share him and he wouldn’t come work with us as our full time, in house conversion manager!”

Rick Gibson,

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