Affiliate Copywriting 101 2

Want a quick nice little boost to your monthly income? I think affiliate products are the best way to go.

Affiliate products are a great way to explore a niche and see if it’s viable.

They’re also great to use as a “filler” product as you create your own or as you attempt to get your traffic machine pumping.

For all these reasons, I think becoming a proficient affiliate marketer is a good idea.

How does copywriting fit in with affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers are usually great at getting traffic. They’re not always the best at copywriting, and so they hire me.

Many of my clients have no product of their own…

..they’re just affiliate marketers who know that I can write powerful affiliate copy. In fact one of my longest repeat clients is a full time affiliate marketer who hires me for anything from blog posts, to emails, to review pages to pre-sales pages.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need copy!

(If you’d like to see if I can help your affiliate marketing campaign, leave a comment saying so!)

And you need copy that works.

How to write affiliate copy that works.

I’m sure a lot of strategies are successful, but here’s mine. And it’s the same regardless of the medium (emails, blog posts or pre-sale pages).

Read the affiliate product’s sales page 2-3 times. Stare at the headline for a good minute.

Then in your affiliate copy, agitate a problem that this headline promises to solve.

Got that?

Your goal with affiliate copy is to get the reader to the product sales page… and to READ IT.

The easiest way to do that is to make the reader feel, experience and obsess over a problem… the very same problem that the product sales page promises to solve in the first sentence: the headline!

If the reader connects with the headline and starts reading, you’ve done all the heavy lifting and the job is 50% done. If you’ve chosen a good affiliate product, then the sales copy will do the rest.

Of course, your job’s not done yet. There are more strategies you can use to keep the reader going back to the product sales page again and again until they buy, but we’ll get to that in part 2.

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