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For those of you who remember James Brausch, he reemerged last year for a bit and wrote some interesting blog posts before disappearing again. One in particular was titled “Interesting Data Comparing Income To Stickiness.”

In the post he describes an exclusive joint venture he could only offer to one person at a time, and apparently lasted for as long as that person “stuck with it.”

Always the scientist, James found an interesting correlation between how long the JV partners “stuck with it” and their personal income. In James’ words…

Those who earned over a million dollars a year had stuck with this JV for an average of 50.3 weeks. Those who earned less than $100K stuck with this JV for an average of 5.0 weeks.

It seems James found a pattern. That the ultra-successful are able to stick with a task 10 times as long as the less successful. And that the less successful tend to wane out after 5 weeks.

That’s important to me today, because 5 weeks ago I set a goal for myself that also takes stickiness. Posting to this blog every business day.

I have now posted to my blog every business day for just over 5 weeks.

Non business days were Saturdays, Sundays and Valentines day.

I guess we’ll find out what I’m made of tomorrow if there’s no post 🙂

That said, blogging every day isn’t the key to success. And I don’t intend to blog every day for 50 weeks to prove myself.

But I do intend to continue until I create a new blogging schedule that fits strategically in to my business plan. And it’s nice to see I’m exhibiting the stickiness to stick with that.


3 thoughts on “An Important 5 Week Milestone Has Passed

  1. Reply Jim Sansi Mar 11, 2011 4:35 pm

    So does that mean we will be seeing 50 weeks of continuous articles?

  2. Reply Stephen Dean Mar 11, 2011 6:00 pm

    Well, no. But if I stick with it halfway does that show the stickiness of a half millionaire? 🙂

    Like I said I plan to continue posting everyday until I come up with a different model that fits my business plan. I look at the copywriters who are a bit up the line from me – and they don’t post every day.

    I’m thinking maybe I should switch the effort from posting every day to gathering more readers.

    I’m not sure, and so I plan to continue this plan until I create another deliberate, actionable plan.

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