Conversion Rates Are Relative 6

Recently I was hired to do a rewrite for a client’s sales copy that wasn’t converting.

Before I got started I decided to set up tracking software to see how his copy was converting… AND see where his traffic was coming from.

Remember, last month I wrote a post about how traffic sources affect conversions. The idea is that different traffic sources can affect conversion rates BIG TIME.

Some sources of traffic will convert MUCH BETTER than others, to the same sales copy. (A member of my Copy Mentorship recently discovered this as well. We discussed it in the latest Q&A session.)

Because of this, I’m more interested in knowing the conversion rates from individual traffic sources than just the overall conversion rate.

Now that the test has been running for more than a week, I can see that the biggest source of traffic is from traffic exchanges and other very low-targeted traffic sources.

If you just excluded these low quality traffic sources, the overall conversion rate would double. That says a lot.

So now when I rewrite the copy, I’ll be able to better judge the success of the letter by excluding the traffic sources that don’t really pick up any sales. In fact, I’ll probably ONLY compare conversion rates from traffic sources that made at least one sale.

To track conversion rate by traffic source, I use Muvar. (Although it now looks like Testivar might be the new name for the software.)

If you’re working to get your conversion rate up, I recommend using software like Muvar to help you discover your true conversion rate… AND to tell you something about your customers. But I’ll get to that in another post.

6 thoughts on “Conversion Rates Are Relative

  1. Reply Tony Finbarr-Smith Apr 15, 2009 3:12 am

    Hey Stephen;
    great point you make there! Many people focus blindly on conversion rate (once they learn what it is) but miss this important factor. To be honest, I WAS one of those people (until now!)

    Great content – thanks Stephen.


    Tony Finbarr-Smith’s last blog post..The As-Yet Unnamed Info Product (the video I promised you)

  2. Reply Rick Ector Apr 15, 2009 2:58 pm

    Your post definitely make sense. If you are going to improve what you are getting, you should do some testing. I’ll admit that my marketing isn’t that sophisticated– yet. However, just by reading your blog, I am getting all of the pieces to the puzzle one post at a time. Thanks for sharing!

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