Copy Breeze, The WYSIWYG Killer

Finally, the WYSIWYG Killer has a name. “Copy Breeze” won out over several other choices… partially because it was one of the few choices with an available domain name…

and mostly because it makes writing copy a breeze. No doubt about it.

The copywriting method can change from copywriter to copywriter, but the consensus is that the best way to write copy is to just sit down and WRITE.

Write at the speed of light and don’t bother with making it sound “just right.”

Copy Breeze allows you to do just that. All the distractions are taken away. The software is extremely light on resources so it doesn’t bog down your computer and you never have to wait for the screen to catch up to your fingers.

It eliminates “noise” by ONLY allowing you to write. So you don’t have the option to play with tables, fonts, styles, CSS and whatever else you can find in a myriad of pull down menus and floating tool boxes.

No, this is the tool for copywriters that just allows you to write amazing copy.

And when you’re finished, at the click of a button, your copy is made in to a phenomenal HTML page designed for maximum sales. It’s based on the sales template I put together while working with Michel Fortin.

One click, and you’re ready to publish your sales page to the web.

And that’s why, as a professional copywriter, I write exclusively in Copy Breeze.

It’ll be released next week.

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