Copywriter Pinpoints Who’s Best To Trust

Tim Ferris recently wrote “The Four Hour Body.” It’s title was modeled after the best-selling book, “The Four Hour Work Week.”

Two non-fiction books, on completely different topics, and yet the same author.

What makes Tim qualified to write these two non-fiction books with such large scope?

Well, first, Tim’s work was fitness related so the topics aren’t too far apart for him. But I’d also argue it’s his methodology.

It’s Tim’s methodology that allows him to share intelligent information on a variety of topics. And it’s Tim’s methodology that allows me to trust him on any subject.

I once asked a friend what he looks for in an “expert.” He said he looks for someone with experience.

And that’s a good one. But someone can have years of experience doing things the wrong way.

Instead I look for someone whose methodology includes testing. I look for someone who constantly tests old assertions.

Because there are many “experts” that pass along “hearsay” as fact. And their advice is often worth less than nothing – it often causes harm.

On the other hand Tim takes the time to put these assertions to the TEST. He tests everything.

If you read “The Four Hour Body” some of his tests could end up making you feel nauseous.

The important thing is, he discovers the truth:

3,500 calories does not necessarily equal one pound.

I try hard to live up to my ideals. And that’s why I test for nearly every client I write copy for.

Who do you trust? Do they have experience? Good.

Now the big question, do they test?

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