Get It? Got It. Good. 1

Today, instead of writing a blog post I drafted an ambitious plan to grow the audience of this blog, continue to produce quality content, and convert visitors to more business. Business being more clients and selling products.

It’s not too fancy. It will require “stickiness” and work. But both of those things make me feel better about changing my strategy.

I don’t want to reveal my entire strategy now. But the blog should look different in the near future… and you should still be getting 2-3 “authority” posts per month.

Wish me luck. And of course, this counts as a blog post for today. But tomorrow I will be eerily silent.


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  1. Reply Christian Hollingsworth Apr 30, 2011 3:17 pm

    Wishing you success and looking forward to the content you’ll continually produce here. Been enjoying what you deliver so far.

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