Happy Hour 3/18/11

I’m exhausted from a long week. Still have a lot to complete this month. I haven’t finished my product that I promised Ryan Healy and I still haven’t completed the March Ready Spaghetti Challenge. And that’s all on top of my copywriting projects.

Crunch time! But later… because now it’s time for happy hour. Enjoy your weekend.

Blog Post To Start Your Weekend
Jason Lesiter posted 5 Questions With Dean Hunt. The answer to question #5 stuck out to me.

I mentioned the other day that even though I was happy I’d posted to this blog every business day for 5 weeks straight and am still going strong… I might switch to another strategy. Answer #5 explains why. I feel like I need to lay down some more ground work before I can properly leverage daily blog posts.

From My Life
Last night for St. Patrick’s Day my girlfriend gave me a scotch ale from the “Pelican Brewery” on the Oregon coast. My sister got married there and it was perfect! The beer was good too, look out for it if you enjoy a good beer.

Song To Start Your Weekend
This weekend in particular, I need a song to start my weekend! I gave my best this week!

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