Happy Hour Friday 10/22/10

It’s the weekend again! That brings us back to Happy Hour Friday – which I was hesitant to do as I hadn’t made any other posts this week. So I did add another post this morning, check it out: The Shotgun Approach.

Great Twitter Follow:
Lawton Chiles (@lawton_chiles) Lawton Chiles publishes a valuable advertising blog and uses Twitter well to announce new posts and share valuable content. He’s a good example of how to use Twitter.

Meaningful Forum Thread:
Someone on the Warrior Forum discovered that Ben Settle writes amazing bullets: 108 Bullets To Savor. They link to several of Ben’s sales pages with a goldmine of bullets to study.

“Nailed-It” Blog Post:
Is Double Opt-In Overrated? – We’ve talked about single opt-in out performing double opt-in before on this blog. As I’ve been investigating deliverability for my new autoresponder, I ran across this insightful blog post at… wait for it… deliverability.com.

From My Life

My brother wrote and recorded this song. I think it’s awesome! Here’s the video he put on Youtube.

Two soccer games this weekend – pretty excited about that. And I just finished week 11 of p90x. New personal record!

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