Happy St. Patricks Day, Get Your Pot Of Gold

Every now and then I sign up for one of those “Free Product” giveaways you might hear about.

It goes something like this… give us your email address and we’ll let you download $43,879 worth of Internet marketing training, free!

Most of the products are pretty basic. A lot of them aren’t worth the time it takes to download them much less the “value” arbitrarily given to them.

BUT – sometimes I do like to browse around and get a few different quality titles from amongst the weeds. Yes, they’re basic, but there are plenty of topics that I just want to know the basics before getting started. And these products can do that.

That’s why today I’m browsing around “The Pot Of Gold Gifts” giveaway.

I’m downloading products on the topic of Squidoo traffic, Facebook traffic, Facebook Fan pages, eBay marketing, article marketing and more. I expect the the content to be that of a dummies guide or less, but that’s OK, a quick introductory lesson is all I’m looking for.

I also saw a WordPress Sales Page download – and I know those are popular.

And I know for a fact there’s at least one product worth getting.

I signed up my product “7 Copy Sins” for the giveaway. It’s a 7 part video series that will help you massage the kinks out of your sales copy and turn it profitable.

It’s free when you sign up for the giveaway and find my product among the others. Click the link below and check it out! Cheers!

The Pot Of Gold Giveaway –>

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