Hiring A Copywriter In A Recession 1

Seems like the economy has people tightening their belts. It’s not as easy to throw money at business opportunities these days.

And one thing I’ve noticed for sure is that people are being more cautious before hiring a copywriter.


One question I get a lot is, “Are you sure you can improve my conversion rate?” Or, “Can you promise a 2% conversion rate?”

Sounds to me like many online marketers are getting burned. And while I tend to agree with Bob Bly who says it’s dishonest to guarantee a conversion rate, I refuse to be a copywriter who turns his back on a client after handing over the copy.

So when you invest $4 to $6k with me for your sales copy, I’m ready and willing to help you test and track your copy for 30 days. With software I even customized myself to get results as quickly as possible.

Often times underperforming copy can be fixed with just a tweak here and there, and multivariate testing can help you find it.

So if your new copy is missing the mark a bit at first, I’ll be tweaking the copy to fix the problem maybe even before you notice!

This makes it easy for potential clients to decide…

…which copywriter should they hire in a recession when every dollar counts?

The copywriter who sticks around to test and track your copy to make sure it’s a winner? Or the copywriter who hands it over and is done with you.

The answer is clear, and you can fill out an application here: Copy Productions.

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  1. Reply doyle Aug 17, 2010 7:00 am

    Hiring freelance copywriters during a recession is helpful to the business owner. It’s much cheaper than to hire a permanent copywriter.

    Doyle of Copymarket

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