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Will you do me a quick favor and follow me on Twitter? Here’s my profile:

And if you haven’t signed up on Twitter, I recommend it. It’s a great way to make friends, keep in touch with your visitors/readers/customers, and drive traffic to your site. In some ways, it’s almost like a free list management system.

Some people have a hard time understanding why anyone would use Twitter. So I wrote a blog entry explaining why I use Twitter.

Other people aren’t sure HOW to use Twitter. So this article explains how, at least I, use Twitter and what you can expect to see when you follow me.

Here’s what you’ll get when following @StephenPDean.

1. You’re going to meet my friends. Assuming social media is a “big party”, I @reply to my friends on Twitter most every day. Hopefully you’ll get something from our conversations. And I hope you’ll check out my friends’ profiles and maybe follow them as well.

Because you know what? If you @reply to people everyday, others will check out YOUR profile and follow you. It’s part of being at a party. You mingle and look for the conversation that interests you, then join it!

2. You’re going to discover what type of music I like. LOL! Everyone is different and you should take advantage of your personality while building relationships. So for me and twitter, you’re going to hear what music I like.

I use to find songs that I then listen to while working. Every time I find a new song and “blip” it, my Twitter account is updated to let you know. I listen to a wide range of music, but most of them are pretty easy going (or else I couldn’t work to them).

You’ll find out soon if we have similar tastes. Hopefully you’ll listen to a few songs with me. And if not, at least you got to know me more.

3. You’re going to get free copywriting advice. I’m a copywriter and constantly browsing for more tips, tricks and tactics for improving my craft. When I find something good, you’re going to see it in my Twitter feed.

4. You’re going to know when I make a new blog post or release a product. Not always, but most every time I publish a new blog post here, I send out a message on Twitter letting you know. I do the same when I release a product. Many of my Twitter followers automatically jump over and check out what’s new… and I hope you will too!

Again, you can follow me on Twitter here: @StephenPDean

And if you’d like to share how you use Twitter with your business, please leave a comment!

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