My #1 Tip For Instantly Boosting Conversion Rates

Want my #1 tip for instantly boosting conversion rates?

I gave it to Ryan Healy a couple of years back, and I’ll give it to you in just a moment.

I was reminded of the #1 conversion boosting tip when I read this on Terry Dean’s blog

“Any experienced marketer can tell you that it’s not the copy that’s most important on your site. It’s not even the offer, although that is as close as it comes to winning.”

What is the most important piece of your sales page? Terry Dean and I both agree…

…the VISITOR is the most important part of your site when it comes to conversion.

If you want more sales, you need to make sure your visitors are HUNGRY for what you’re selling.

Terry brought up the “hungry crowd” concept made famous by Gary Halbert. It’s the idea that your best advantage over competitors isn’t an amazing product, price or offer… it’s a crowd that’s HUNGRY for what you’ve got.

That brings us to my #1 tip for instantly boosting conversion rates. Ryan Healy asked me the question in an interview and I responded:

9. What’s your #1 tip for instantly boosting conversion rates?

This probably isn’t what you’re looking for. But it’s the first thing that came to mind: Find a higher quality traffic source.

If your copy is converting at 3% from traffic on Adwords, you’re likely to get higher than a 10% conversion from an endorsed mailing. So it’s important to seek out those partnerships when you see that sales are coming in.

If you want to get more sales, find a better traffic source! (You may want to check out another blog post, “How Traffic Sources Affect Conversion” to do that.)

That’s my #1 tip for instantly boosting conversion rates.

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