My Favorite Marketers 2

I think I’ve discovered what makes my favorite marketers my favorites.

Two of my loves as a kid were business and computers. (And here I am!)

I got started early on Computers. And my first experience wasn’t with Windows, it was with DOS and the BASIC programming language. It taught me the “basics” of programming.

One of the building blocks of programming is “If/Then” statements. And I think “If/Then” statements are the reason my favorite marketers tend to be programmers. (Two of which are James Brausch and Robert Plank.)

Running a business can be a huge endeavor. But a simple “If/Then” approach simplifies the process.

IF creating a new product increases revenue, THEN create a new product.
IF browsing Internet Marketing forums does not increase sales, THEN do not browse Internet Marketing forums.
IF testing your sales copy increases sales, THEN test your sales copy.
IF writing a blog post a day equals more sales than redesigning your websites, THEN write a blog post a day.

It’s a very analytical approach to taking on a large creative task. A task that often deteriorates in to unprofitable actions or activities if you don’t take an analytical approach.

Try applying this approach to your business. Here’s a sentence, plug in your activity…

IF (activity) increases (objective: sales, opt-ins, referrals, etc.), THEN do (activity).

Does your next activity pass the If/Then Test?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Marketers

  1. Reply Paul Aaron Travis Jan 18, 2010 5:25 pm

    Ah the plain “If/Then”… 🙂 Nice post, Stephen.

    Could be distilled down to: DO WHAT WORKS!

  2. Reply Ryan from Monthly Content Jan 19, 2010 7:40 pm

    IF I like this blog post, THEN I’ll leave a comment…

    I guess I did?

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