Ready Spaghetti 3

How do you know if spaghetti is ready?

Throw it against a wall and see if it sticks.

Do you have to be an expert chef to do that?

Not at all, being a complete beginner is good enough. You don’t have to spend years cooking or sign up for culinary school before you know when your pasta is ready.

Just keep trying until something sticks.

I think this is the best way to run a business also.

You could decide to become a MASTER of SEO. You could spend night and day studying and reading about the latest SEO methods. You could buy every $1997 course on SEO that comes out.

And after months of studying, where are you? Have you reached the top of the search engines? Have you done anything at all?

What if instead you took a few small actions each day and monitored your results?

Wouldn’t you be a few steps closer to your goal each day? And wouldn’t you be learning from firsthand experience?

Furthermore, aren’t you wasting time becoming an expert when you could stay a beginner and just find out what sticks?

Example from my life:

I write a lot of software in PHP to run my business. I write sales copy inside my php software Copy Breeze, I send emails to my list via my php autoresponder and I created my own split test software.

And yet I’ve never taken a PHP class or even read a PHP book. I’m a complete beginner writing software that runs my business.

What about your life? Have you ever skipped the learning process entirely and just started TAKING SUCCESSFUL ACTION one small step at a time?

Please share your story in the comments.

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