Ryan Healy Asked Me To Give You A Free Gift 2

Last month Ryan Healy asked me if I’d like to share an .mp3 Interview Ken McArthy did with Drayton Bird and Bob Bly. (I am one of thousands who have huge respect for those 3 names.)

You can find out more about it and download the MP3 interview here (opt-in required).

I wanted to give the interview a listen before I promoted it on the blog – not so much to make sure it was quality (I knew it would be) – but so that I could give you an idea of what was in it.

Unfortunately I never found time in my schedule to do it. BUMMER for all of us, as I highly recommend visiting the site and downloading the MP3 while it’s still available. (The event the promotion was intended for has already past, so it may not be available much longer.)

So I want to apologize to you for not giving you the heads up on this awesome opportunity.

And because I have a ton of respect for Ryan, I wanted to take the opportunity to promote him and his work in general. His blog is top notch and has been for years. I’ve bought products simply based on Ryan’s recommendation, even without reading the sales letter – and have never been let down.

I highly recommend his business growth strategies blog and suggest checking out his new site at the Copywriting Code.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Healy Asked Me To Give You A Free Gift

  1. Reply Ryan Healy Apr 26, 2010 4:29 pm

    Hey Stephen,

    Thanks so much for promoting that interview and my work! I really appreciate it.

    I got to meet Drayton in Chicago — and he is one smart dude. He has decades of wisdom about advertising and he shares it liberally. (I took lots of notes!)


  2. Reply Stephen Dean Apr 27, 2010 6:10 pm

    Cheers Ryan, you deserve it. My pleasure.
    .-= Stephen DeanĀ“s last blog ..Ryan Healy Asked Me To Give You A Free Gift =-.

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