Has A New Owner!

Looks like the Green Bay Packers aren’t the only ones celebrating today, we’ve got a winner!

And it was close. I stated last Monday we needed to have 20 comments. And this morning we were at 19.

It’s important when you run a contest that you stick to your guns.

No matter how much I wanted to reward 19 awesome comments with giving away a domain name… no matter how tempted I was to ask everyone at my Superbowl party to leave a comment (didn’t happen)… I knew I had to stick to my guns and let people know my word means something.

I was regrettably about to write the “A deal is a deal” blog post and announce we only had 19 entries…

…when the 20th and 21st comments came in. YES!

Thank you everyone. You made for a great contest. Some of you tweeted multiple times for me. You guys are AWESOME, thank you.

I’m very happy to give this domain name away and cap off an awesome contest.

I brought up Random.ORG and asked it to pick a number between 1 and 21. The number came back 19.

That makes Shashank Kumar our winner. Congratulations! I’ll attempt to contact you and see which extra you’d like.

To everyone else, thanks for experiencing this with me. I’m humbled and honored to have had so much help.

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