Self Discipline And Time Management

Ryan Healy just posted that he plans to release one product a month for the rest of the year starting March 15th. That’d be 10 new products. I think that’s a great challenge to oneself and I encourage my readers to think about joining him.

If you’re up to it, leave a comment on his post publicly declaring you will do the same: Copywriter Burn Out and “The Big Push”

If you do decide to join him in the challenge, let me predict your biggest obstacle. And also the most obvious one. Finding the time.

How do you find the time to create a new product every month when you’re busy working a day job? (And that includes me, even if I am a freelance copywriter.)

As my therapist* would tell me, you have to set boundaries.

In the past I’ve mentioned that limiting my work hours turned out to be one of my top 3 productivity tips. I’m more productive when only allowing myself to work inside of a well defined 4 to 8 hour window.

For example, if I promise myself I will not work after 4pm, I’m actually more productive than if I allow myself to work until 7pm, 10pm or 1am. By setting a limit, I get more done in less time.

AND it’s easier to leave my work behind when hanging out with friends and family.

I’ve used this technique successfully to create products as well. Lately I’ve been giving myself a 30 minute to 1 hour window in the morning to work on my latest product… and ONLY my latest product. I don’t work on anything else, and I don’t work on the product outside of the window.

This creates boundaries that help me make significant progress on my product AND continue to bust out work for my copywriting clients.

If you do choose to take Ryan up on his challenge, or you just want to finish your next product like me, follow this advice to give yourself a fighting chance:

1) Block out time in your day to work on your product and only your product.
2) Make it the same time everyday so you get used to the routine.
3) And don’t let yourself work on the product outside of this window. If you need more time, then plan ahead to give yourself a larger window.

Best of luck to you and I hope to see your comment on Ryan’s post. I see Tom Brownsword has already shown interest!

* (I don’t actually see a therapist for therapy, I just date one. But I’m certainly not knocking seeing a therapist for any reason. I think it’s good for everyone!)

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