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I just checked the mail and it didn’t come today, but it’ll get here soon.

The order was fulfilled on Saturday, and I’m not sure where it’s mailing from… but it shouldn’t be longer than a few days. What am I waiting for?

I sent a postcard to myself via I wanted to make sure the card looks presentable before I start sending it out to a select group of individuals.

The postcard advertises a special deal I’m offering to certain people for my copywriting services. And seems to be a great place to print and mail my offer at an affordable rate.

Here are the steps I took to get my first postcard in the mail.

1) I created a free account at It’s simple to do, just like signing up for any other free account online.

2) I browsed around and found “Postcard” under the “Create A New Mailing” category.

3) Then I picked the 5X8 space saver postcard that can ship in yellow. Michel Fortin told me that oversized yellow postcards worked best in his experience. So this is as close as I could find.

4) I found this post at that gave me a ton of ideas on how to design the postcard and craft my offer. Using Postcards To Market Your Services

My biggest takeaways were to keep it simple… a headline and bullets outlining the offer. And make sure the offer is on both sides. I also remembered to keep my contact info away from the bottom of the card so that it doesn’t get covered by any sort of sticker the post office might place on it.

5) I found it difficult to design the postcard on‘s website. Instead I used a combination of‘s Writer software and Microsoft Paint. Both are free (well, Paint comes with windows).

I used Writer to design the postcard (which is mostly words, no pictures). Then I pressed “print screen” on my keyboard to take a screenshot of the postcard in Writer. Then I opened Paint and pasted it in. I selected the area I wanted for the postcard, cropped it (under “Image” in the menubar), and used “Save As” to save the image as a .jpg file.

I did this for both the front and the back of the postcard. Both .jpg files that could then be uploaded to and positioned on the front and back of the postcard.

6) From there walks you through the mailing process. First you select recipients (which was just me for the test run), proof the post card to make sure everything looks right, then pay for the mailing.

It’s quite affordable. Around 49 cents per postcard with the options I selected above. That’s barely more than the price of a stamp!

I’m very happy with the process so far. If you check me out on Twitter (StephenPDean), I’ll make sure to let you know how the post card looks when it arrives.

If you send out your own postcards, let me know!

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  2. Reply Kevin Ex Dec 14, 2010 8:01 am

    great advise on using postcards to advertise your services. I wasn’t aware of click2mail. Thanks for sharing!!
    .-= Kevin Ex´s last blog ..How to Get Your Ex to Call You Back =-.

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