Should You Use A Squeeze Page? 3

There’s an inevitable question most business owners face when setting up a new product site…

Should you make the main page a squeeze page or send them directly to the sales letter.

A squeeze page captures the visitor’s email so you can send follow up emails to try and make the sale more than once. With a sales page only, you often get just one chance.

So arguments can be made for both sides, but there’s an easy way to test how it will effect initial sales. Set up a split test.

Instead of making the squeeze page or the sales page the root index page (i.e. the home page of your domain), set up a split test with either Easy Split Test, Muvar, or Google Analytics.

Version A of your test can redirect the visitor to the squeeze page.

For the testing programs above, you’ll need to use the Meta Refresh redirect. Just change the URL below to your squeeze page’s URL and then insert this code in to the HEAD section of your HTML page.

Version B will redirect to the sales page using similar Meta Refresh code.

The “Thank You” page code goes on the product thank you page just like normal. And as the sales come in you’ll get to see if your squeeze page and follow up emails are helping or hurting sales.

This will give you a basic answer to the question of having a squeeze page.

Of course, after the squeeze page you need an amazing sales page to close the deal.

But there is one flaw to the above test. Can you spot it? If you have a guess or know the answer, leave it as a comment!

3 thoughts on “Should You Use A Squeeze Page?

  1. Reply Simon Crabb Feb 2, 2010 4:54 am

    But, remember, if you have no squeeze page, your immediate sales may increase, but your list of leads doesn’t grow. I’m not sure a split test based on sales is the best way of deciding if you need a squeeze page or not?

  2. Reply Stephen Dean Feb 2, 2010 12:57 pm

    Exactly. If you don’t have any back end products and don’t plan any affiliate promotions, then the above test will work accurately.

    But LEADS have value as well that won’t factor in if you don’t change the way you record sales for this test.

    Software like Muvar tracks “Visitor Value” and not sales. And allows you to modify the value of a sale depending on how they got to the sales page.

    That modification will take a blog post to go over. I’ll write it down to make sure I come back to it. 🙂

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