The Secret To Writing Daily Blog Posts

Just six weeks ago the idea of posting to my blog every day seemed like a daunting task. I wondered where on earth I’d get all the ideas needed to come up with a new post every day.

In true Ready Spaghetti form, however, I didn’t let that stop me from just getting started. That’s because the first thing you need to do to post to your blog everyday, is just make a post ASAP. Let the rest of it take care of itself in due time.

Another Ready Spaghetti tactic is to ask people with experience for advice.

So when Ryan Healy decided to go blog crazy and published multiple posts every day for a week, I asked him where he got all the ideas. His answer impressed me.

He said he has TOO MANY ideas to blog about – and only a fraction make it in to a post.

Wow. Six weeks ago I didn’t feel it’d ever be that way for me, but I should have known better.

It all comes down to Momentum. If you haven’t posted to your blog in a while, coming up with a new idea for a blog post can seem like a giant task.

But once you start to rock back and forth a bit…

…once you start to break free from the ground that’s held you in place the last few months/years…

…and once you get the ball rolling…

…it’s easy to come up with ideas for posts.

In fact, just as Ryan said, the challenge is writing all the ideas down as they come so you don’t lose them.

I get ideas while writing copy, while surfing the web, while checking out Twitter or the news… even while cooking dinner!

Ideas for blog posts come all the time.

If I’m at my computer, I just quickly log in to wordpress and click to “Add New” post. I give the post a title that will remind me of the idea and then save it as a draft.

Then when it’s time to write some more blog posts, I just log in and start working on one of the saved drafts.

Now writing a new blog post everyday seems easy!

So that’s the secret. Just get started. Maybe ask people for advice (but I just gave you some), and then work to build momentum.

Once the ball is rolling, it’s all down hill from there.

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