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While reviewing “A New Approach” I noticed I used the term “Shotgun Approach” in a negative light.

I pointed out that when bringing a new product to the market, liberally spending big bucks all at once on a large ad campaign is the wrong approach. It is certainly the wrong approach if you’re watching your budget closely.

Instead I offered the Sniper Method. With this approach you take small but important incremental steps to a powerful cash-like-clockwork ad campaign. This option maximizes every dollar of your budget.

(You can apply to use the Sniper Method in your business here.)

But the truth is… I love the shotgun method in my business. If I need something to work and to work now… then I come up with 3-5 solutions and try them all.

And I do it with the idea that 2-4 of them will fail and 1 will work.

If you think about it… that’s the same as testing 5 headlines at once to find the winner. That’s what multivariate testing is… the shotgun approach!

(And we all know what a big fan I am of multivariate testing.)

In the end, the Sniper Method depends heavily on the shotgun method preceding it.

Taking the Sniper Method with your copy simply sacrifices time to maximize your investment on sales copy. It’s a smart route to take for many people in today’s economy.

If you’re looking to hire a copywriter, I recommend trying the Sniper Method to maximize your investment.

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