Tomorrow Is Voting Day 1

“Let me be clear,” TODAY is election day in the United States. So if you haven’t voted yet and that’s important to you, please do so today.

That said, tomorrow is voting day. And so is the next day. And the day after that.

The great thing about living in a mostly free country with relatively free markets is that we get to vote everyday.

We vote to support businesses every day with our dollar. The businesses who receive the most votes stay in business. Businesses that don’t do enough to win support go under.

We all benefit by living among the businesses that succeed.

I think this is preferable to public elections as it’s the opposite of winner take all. In a public election, 51% get what they want and the other 49% are denied what they want.

But in a free marketplace, 100% of the people get what they want.

Everyone can shop at the stores they like without taking away the right of others to do the same. Stores may go under if there’s not enough support, but anyone can start a similar store if that’s where they’d like to shop.

And if you don’t like a particular business, you can start your own business and compete.

The only thing that gets in the way of this process are laws that may prohibit or impede certain businesses or exchanges.

That’s why I always vote carefully. I don’t want to vote for anything that might restrict someone’s choice.

(Note, I’m not talking about the pro-choice issue and I do not want to discuss that issue on this blog.)

Cont: I don’t want to vote for anything that might restrict someone’s choice.

I think denying 49% of people what they want is mean. And actually “mean” is probably not a strong enough word.

So I don’t use my ballot to take away others’ choices or serve my best interests. I vote to help ensure that 100% of the people get to make their own choices.

I hope you’ll keep this in mind when voting today. And tomorrow 🙂

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