What Happens After You Hire Me

I recently discovered that nearly 20% of the people who visit this blog jump over to my copywriting services page.

I love it, thank you.

Many people find the application form at the end of the page. When you fill out an application I’m automatically notified via email. And you’re sent an autoresponse confirming that I’ve received your application.

I simply can’t take on every applicant’s project. But even so I can help you out.

If your budget doesn’t match my rates, I’ll help you find a copywriter who’s a better fit. And if my schedule is full, I’ll point you to a quality copywriter who can do the job.

And what if we’re a great fit? Then we’re ready to rock.

I’ll review your application and respond with some questions.

First I’m going to ask you what your goals are. What would be a “walk-off home run” result from this project?

Then I’ll take a look at your response and quickly craft a battle plan based on my 12 years of experience in Internet Marketing. (And 6 years experience as a copywriter for the likes of Ryan Deiss, Matt Bacak, David Garfinkel, Jim Edwards and Ewen Chia.)

After sending a few emails back and forth, we’ll know if we’re a good fit for each other and ready for a champagne product launch.

Once the down payment is made I’ll send you a questionnaire to work on while I dive in to your product.

If it’s an infoproduct I’m going to read it front to back. If it’s a DVD I’m going to watch it. If it’s software I’m going to test drive it.

Whatever it takes to understand the user experience.

Then I’m going to check out your competiton. I want to find out how they’re similar and how you’re different. I want to see what approaches they’re taking in their marketing (and pay special attention to who’s having the most success).

Then I’m going to check out your potential customers and find out what they’re starving for. I might even check out the magazines they’re likely to read, to see what they’re probably thinking about this month.

Now it’s time to craft an awesome angle and sales argument. I’m likely going to come up with several and narrow it down to my favorite.

Then I’ll run it by you. If you don’t like the angle I’ve taken, you won’t like the copy I write. So it’s important to make sure you’re on board before I really get going.

Once we’re on the same page, BAM. I’m ready to write like crazy on your project. I’m going to pour my soul on to the page representing your product.

  • I’m going to write several sizzling headlines and choose from the best.
  • I’m going to write compelling subheads that stop skimmers and draw them back in to the story.
  • I’m going to craft a strategical, logical sales argument that makes the reader think YOU’RE the person to sell them the ONLY or ABSOLUTE BEST solution to their problem. And that they’ll lose BIG if they don’t buy now.
  • I’m going to write enticing bullets that make people BEG and PLEAD to experience these benefits for themselves.
  • And I’m going to craft an offer that people would consider trading their first born to have.

Once the letter is finished I’ll edit it and send it over. You can take a look at it and jot down some notes. Then send me your feedback. I’ll make any changes if necessary.

Now it’s time to publish the letter and drive traffic. If you’ll let me, I’d love to track the conversion to see if we’ve hit it out of the ball park.

If you’re anything but absolutely thrilled with the results – fear not. Since I’m tracking the results I’ve probably already started testing new approaches and headlines to increase the conversion.

And if a little testing doesn’t do the job, I’ll start over from scratch if need be. My guarantee gives you up to 60 days to ask me to give it another go from the beginning.

There’s just two things left. One, if I’ve done my job and you’re happy, you can send me a glowing testimonial.

And two, you keep me in mind for your next project. 🙂

If you’d like to experience a champagne product launch for yourself, fill out an application here now.

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